Wednesday, March 16, 2011

attack after attack

It seems Bill Maher has decided to launch yet another attack on the bride of Christ. He compared the catholics come home program to the church just fishing for more customers, implying that the Catholic isn't interested in helping people save their souls and acting as a sign for people in need or developing a realtionship with Christ or the saints, but rather its more interested in getting your money. Not only is that statement completly false but it is also totally absurd. Since I entered into the RICA program in my parish the people there have been welcoming and supportive of me joining their community, not once has anyone brought up the issue of how much money I should be giving to me. Then of course Maher felt a need to bring up the sexual abuse scandal that occured in the church, what he doesn't tell his viewers, is that those were only certain priests who acted on their own accord, that type of behavior was never condoned or accepted within the church itself. However I can't be to mad at Maher like most Catholics that have fallen away he refuses to accept what he knows to be true in his heart and soul. He is truly a wounded soul that need to be prayed for.

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  1. I suspect that if Catholics Come Home wasn't working as well as it did that he wouldn't be attacking it. Also I suspect that deep down Maher may know he is on the wrong side of this & doesn't want to admit he is wrong to have left the Cathoic Church.